Saryu is the main river of this district which is situated at the north border of the district. Tanda, Jahangir Ganj, Ram Nagar and Baskhari blocks are situated at this river and these blocks are fully utilizing the water resourse of the river. Sangam place of Tons, Madha and Visui rivers is Shravan Kshetra which is a well known tourist place. Main Lakes Devhat and Hanswar lakes are situated in Baskhari block and Darvan in Katehari block. From these lakes most of the area is being irrigated as a result whcih yields maximum crops productivity in the district. Lokvani

Sangam place of Madha and Visui rivers is 8 km far from district Headquarter. It is believe that at this place Shravan Kumar was killed by King Dashrath, which is now know as Shravan Kshetra. Here every year on Magh Purnima a Fair is organised in which a large number of tourists from all parts of the country come into this fair. There is a place named Sihmai Karirat situated at 5 km from district headquarter which famous for a well know tourist palce as Shivbaba. Here in this village even today people do not fix doors and at every Monday and Friday a fair is organised. It is believed that desires of the tourists are being fullfilled. Govind Saheb, Kichhauchha Sharif these are two other well famoused tourist places in this district.

This district was formed by the then Hon'ble Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati on September 29, 1995. The district was named Ambedkar Nagar in the memory of the Father of the Constitution, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar for his work done for the upliftment of the depressed classes, women and other weaker sections of the Society.