LOCATION & BOUNDARIES:- The district lies between the parallels of 26° 23' and 27° 30' North and Latitude and 82° 17' and 83° 20' East longitude. Its maximum length from north to south is about 75 km. and breadth from east to west about 70km. The district lies between newly created district Sant Kabir Nagar on the east and Gonda on the west On the south, the Ghaghra river separates it from the Faizabad and newly created district named Ambedkar Nagar. While on the North it is bounded by district Sidharth Nagar. AREA:-According to the 1991 census the district covered an area of 7,309 sq. km. and with regard to size it occupies 7th place in the state. Owing to the changing course of the Ghaghra, the area of the district is subjected to frequent alterations. POPULATION:-According to the census 1991, the district had a population of 27,50,764 persons of which 14,37,727 were males and 13,13,037 females. Of these 75,299 persons, resided in urban areas and 29,08,791 in the rural areas. Total literacy of this district is 8,21,206 of which 6,04,029 are males and 2,17,77 are females. Whereas the literacy rate of this district is 21 percent only. Total population of SC is about 5,79,812 of which 5,55,610 are residing in rural area and 24,202 are residing in urban area TOPOGRAPHY The district,in spite of its apparent uniformity of aspect, it divided topographically into several distinct tract namely, the low valley of the Ghaghra in the south, extending from that river to its tributary, the Kuwana; the central upland ,between the latter river and the rapti; and the low and ill-drained paddy belt between the Rapti and the Nepal boundary. RIVER SYSTEM AND WATER RESOURCES The district has two main river systems namely, the Ghaghra and Rapti, both of which ultimately form a part of the great Gangetic system. The other streams of the district are the Kuwana,its tributaries are, the Rawai, The Manwar and the Katnehia, and the Ami is a tributary of Rapti.